Greta Hassel, MDiv., MFT and Dennis A. Cohen, ESQ


           What do you get when you combine a Marriage and Family Therapist with a Divorce Attorney/Mediator? A lot of passion about creating solid, passionate, adventurous, playful, and communicative relationships!
Greta and Dennis have been leading relationship courses together since 2011.   In fact, They share so much interest in healthy relationships that they have given birth to “Luvskool for Newlyweds.”

           As Newlyweds themselves, they say “let’s pour everything we know into the start of a marriage. Knowing what lands couples in our offices will empower couples by giving them what they need to avoid conflict, turn breakdowns into breakthroughs, and keep the
passion and honeymoon bliss alive for years to come.”

Greta Hassel, MDiv., MFT

Greta’s Masters Degrees in Psychology and Theology are the result of her lifelong study of Modern Psychology, Ancient Wisdom, Spirituality, and Sacred Sexuality. She has traveled throughout the world (Peru, Egypt, Crete, Philippines, England, Korea, China) studying Kabbalah, Shamanism, and Energy Medicine. In Los Angeles, Greta has pursued studies in Rumi’s poetry,  Hero’s Journey, and the Wisdom Traditions. Greta has a passion for dancing, the beauty of nature, the exploding field of neurobiology, and expansive conversations on Love, God, and Sex.

Greta’s passion for couples and relationship work, as well as her training as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over 20 years [MFC28466], has led her to specialize in love, intimacy, and sexual education. Greta has a special gift of helping people “say and hear the things that really need to be said.” The safe space she creates for inner exploration and honest expression is the hallmark of her work as a Sex and Intimacy Coach, igniting love and passion in individuals and couples.

Dennis A. Cohen

Dennis Cohen earned the nickname “Robin Hood Lawyer” for his work chasing deadbeat parents who didn’t pay their child support. He has been featured on such programs as the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, CBS News, Sonya Freidman Live,  and Bill Handel. His work was  endorsed in Dear Abby’s column. As a Family Law Mediator, Dennis’ motto is “within every conflict lies the seeds of resolution.”

Dennis’ faith in the transformative power of loving, honest self-exploration and heart-centered communication comes from his many years as a facilitator with personal growth workshops, such as “Making Love Work,” with Barbara DeAngelis, Lifespring, and the Landmark Forum.



   Just married in June 2014, Greta and Dennis know all about the excitement and bliss of a new marriage. And, with their over 50 years of combine experience working with couples, they also know the challenges and heartbreak facing couples who haven’t learned how to avoid the ruts and potholes that are inevitable any relationship. Greta and Dennis acknowledge that breakdowns happen, but they also know that with the right tools, a breakdown can be turned into a love affirming breakthrough.

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