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August 26, 2015

Two of the most powerful practices that you can incorporate into your relationship are the setting of intentions (VOWS) and the sharing of appreciation and gratitude (WOWS).  Join us for a FREE evening, exploring and practicing these simple, yet profoundly transformative rituals.

Wednesday, August 26th    7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

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An Evening of Romance

September 26, 2015

Connect with your partner in a loving intimate evening – a playful & sensual three hour journey of exploration and expressiveness.   Experience playful exercises (PG rated, no nudity)  to open the heart, move breath and expand energy in your body, as you connect deeper and deeper with each other.

You will dance together, laugh, and experience connecting in new and delicious ways.  Whether you have been married for twenty years, or just exploring the beginning of a new relationship, you will come away from the event with an experience of what is possible in the universe of cosmic love.  

This event is limited and will sell out. 

Register early.

Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015
6:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

We’re Remodeling!

Whoa there! As you can see, things are bit disorganized. But just like in relationship, sometimes you gotta shake things up so you can start fresh again. Thank you for understanding while put a new face on.

Crazy Cool Fresh Fun

Finding Love shouldn’t create anxiety, it should be fun! . Learn to take the worry out of relating with our helpful confidence and communication boosting games

Your incredible life is waiting

You’ll be amazed at how quickly life turns around when you come from a place of love. Luvskool give you real world techniques for operating out of love, resulting in a profound impact in every interaction.

  • Communication guide for turning around tough situations
  • Develop active listening and authentic compassion
  • Tools to foster romance and chivalry
  • Games to entice playful intimacy and an adventurous spirit

About Us

3410483Luvskool is a series of seminars, workshops, “playshops” designed to provide
basic and advanced tools for creating a life of love. Your life.

Based on game theory and scientific principles, Luvskool courses offer you the chance to learn while participating in fun, interactive processes with your partner. There are also courses being scheduled for singles, who want to expand their ability to have meaningful connections with other like minded singles.

Luvskool is founded by Greta Hassel, MFT and Dennis Cohen, Esq., who have over 50 years of combined experience working with couples in crisis, and who have witnessed and explored a great deal of what works and what doesn’t work in relationships.

  • Crafted with love

    What do you get when you cross an ESQ and MFT? The tools to resolve any conflict with grace and ease.

  • Melodical by nature

    We recognize the importance of music to inner harmony. All our events include beautiful soundscapes to soothe the soul and prepare for personal connection.

  • Love Support

    Overwhelmed by emotions? Luv Skool works with a team of professionals to ensure you’re in good hands.

  • Where are we?

    While Luv Skool started in Southern California, we are always looking to reach to more people across the globe. Do you have a love based or relationship workshop or program you would like featured here? Contact us to find out how we can help spread the word.

What others say about us

Natan M.

The Luv Skool team put together an amazing event for Valentines Day. I discovered new ways to enjoy playing with my partner.

Natan M.WikiTravel
Anna Vandana

I would say this site is definitely filling a void. In the past I have experienced real bad love relations. It definitely helped me to to avoid difficult situations.

Anna VandanaCEOMedia Wiki
Angela G.

Now I understand clearly how my life has been preparing me to meet my ‘match’ and believe that we all have to do our work to get to a place where we are able to receive such a great love but your site was the final and divine piece of the puzzle to bringing our relationship together. Thanks!!!

Angela G.Strategic Planning ConsultingMax Mobilcom
Dr. Dosist

I am writing you to share an experience that may not have been possible without LUVSKOOL help. We are thankful for the creation of this website that enables people to connect… people who are looking for something a little deeper than just a good face and body, they are seeking meaningful connections!!!

Dr. DosistCEO, Health and Safety S,A.Doom Inc